Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage

“When you sign with one of us, you sign with all of us"


Benny “Kevin” Yento is a Sales Associate and Team Leader. Among his real estate colleagues throughout central New Jersey, he is known as “The Trailblazer” for achieving an extraordinarily long list of awards and raising the bar for other agents to reach. He selected his team members for demonstrating the same high standards he sets for himself: solid real estate knowledge, delivering quality service at the speed of light, and building a network of loyal contacts through honesty, integrity and trust. He was born in Indonesia and speaks several languages. Prior to real estate, he had a successful career in the hospitality industry.


Katarzyna "Kate" Domoslawski is a Sales Associate with the distinction of being the first member recruited to the team. She earned a reputation for being “The Optimist” due to her an uncanny talent for tackling any issue with a cheerful spirit, matching eager sellers with the right qualified buyers, and negotiating deals to the satisfaction of all parties. To the delight of her teammates, she is a dependable mentor who is generous in sharing her knowledge. Prior to real estate, she was an aeronautical disasters investigator, which honed her analytical and problem-solving skills.


Jared Kominsky is a Sales Associate known for being a keen listener with the patience of a saint. Beyond his calming presence, his wheels are always turning, giving rise to his nickname, “The Mastermind.” He is a wizard at leveraging cutting edge technology and sharing it with his teammates to move the sales process along, and is highly regarded for his guidance of first-time home buyers, including Millennials. Prior to real estate, he was in architecture.


Ryan Tapia is acutely connected to the growth and fluctuations of the local real estate market and is passionate about staying ahead of the trends. Ryan is a “Visionary”, he is known for his innovative use of social media and his talent for effective marketing. Energy, drive and creativity make Ryan a valuable member of Kevin Yento and Associates which is one of the most well-respected, lucrative real estate teams in Somerset County. In this dynamic, fast-paced market, you owe it to yourself to be positioned with a professional who is eager, hungry and who has unparalleled professional standards.In addition to being an agent, Ryan also handles all listing videography & campaign implementation for the team as well.


Stacey Gilbert is a Sales Associate known as the Kelly Rippa of real estate for her energizing style and ability to connect with a wide variety of personality types. But don't let her petite frame and gift of gab fool you. She packs a hefty punch at the negotiating table as easily as she can soothe the nerves of home buyers or sellers when a deal hits a brick wall. She was nicknamed "The Communicator" for her knack of clearly explaining each phase of the sales process and quickly providing answers to complex issues that can arise. Prior to real estate, she was a teacher in the K-6 Bridgewater school system and raised three children. Now as an empty nester, she easily relates to clients who are making bold, new lifestyle changes through upsizing, downsizing or relocation.


Nancy Adams is a sales associate as well as the team's transaction manager who manages and monitors all real estate transactions, administrative activities and her willingness to jump in at a moment's notice to assure all business transactions run smoothly. As a sales associate, Nancy is known for her compassion and understanding of the needs and goals of her clients. Her clients choose to work with Nancy for her full service, Ethics, Integrity, & Expertise. Nancy has consistently shown the ability to satisfy clients in both their home buying & selling needs.


Kristina Mullaly is a Sales Associate with a gift for organization, she is know by here colleagues as the "Perfectionist". She knows her buyers and sellers can become overwhelmed by the many details of the home buying and selling process, and surprised by unexpected twists and turns. As a self proclaimed perfectionist she is strategic and methodical in her approach to all real estate activities. Her true nature shines through in her professional demeanor, her clear and contagious communication with clients, and her familiarity with dealing with a wide variety of contacts in her sales background


Margarita "Geng" Lacsamana is a Sales Associate that has translated decades of knowledge and experience, from many angles of the home designing and buying market, into helping her clients find their perfect homes. As a designer, she understands that a house isn't just a home, it's a foundation for the future, and for many of her clients, a home represents the next phase of life, raising a family. Her patience and temperance are just a few qualities that her clients can't stop clamoring about.


Christine Chandler is a Sales Associate and New Jersey native who has traveled the world and return to New Jersey to make it her permanent home. As a sales associate she is known as the "Adventurer" because she applies her versatile skills and experiences to meet the challenges of her clients far ranging needs. Whether they are buying or selling a home frustration and second-guessing themselves can interfere with a smooth real estate experience. Christine always advises her clients to trust their instincts which has always lead to their trust in her as an agent.